The Interactive ALR

An Online, Interactive Database of Historic Native American Vocabularies and Word Lists

The Interactive ALR is a powerful online resource for the comparative study of Native American languages. Built from the ever-expanding catalog of our American Language Reprint (ALR) series, The Interactive ALR puts a growing 12,000 word linguistic database and powerful search capabilities into the hands of scholars, allowing for comparison of dozens of historical vocabularies in the blink of an eye. Representing 400 years of linguistic data, and over 40 languages scattered throughout more than 70 different documents, the database brings together a collection of information that has never before been so readily accessible in either book or electronic form.

In order to make this data more readily available to the general public, most functions of The Interactive ALR are FREE as of September 1, 2006, including:
  • Enhanced word search allowing the user to search for words, phrases and letter patterns in native entries as well as their English translations.
  • An Interactive Linguistic Atlas, plotting native words on the user's choice of seven printable maps.
  • Ability to restrict searches by date and linguistic family.
  • Custom Lexicon generation for combining and comparing vocabularies in either dictionary or table format.
  • Supplemental data and word-lists that do not appear in the book series.
  • For an up-to-the-minute summary of the database, see our Current Database Statistics.
PDF files for all the books in the ALR series are currently available as part of The Complete ALR CD-Rom. For  details on purchasing this item at a 10% discount, click here.

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