The Interactive ALR


"...Highly recommended for libraries and linguists, as well as for individuals interested in early American Indian vocabularies and regional history. Summing up: Highly recommended. Public libraries where interest exists; academic libraries; graduate students and above."*

"Fascinating and unusual....Recommended for academic, public, and high school libraries, particularly those that are developing collections in Native American studies, linguistics, or North American history."*
--Library Journal

"This series provides easy access to valuable documentation for linguists working on Algonquian, Iroquoian and (Mississippi Valley) Siouan languages....All those scholars who have had to go through great pains to obtain such sources will be more than happy with this series....This series provides easy access to valuable documentation for linguists...especially the CD and the website....A laudable and welcome initiative by a seemingly inexhaustible and enthusiastic compiler."
--International Journal of American Linguistics

*These endorsements are for the first edition of the Complete ALR on CD-Rom--a resource released in 2002 which contains only the PDFs of the ALR volumes (also available as part of the Interactive ALR) without any of the search capabilities available on the web site.