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Defunct Dialect Links

The following links are ones that used to appear on our links pages but are no longer active. Some of these pages were valuable for research so they are preserved here in case anyone would like to try and track them down in their new locations (if they still exist at all) with search engines.


English Dialect Links Features many additional links, especially for the British Isles.
Local Words. A page featuring numerous letters sent in by readers, contributing localisms from all around the U.S.
Pidgin and Creole Linguistics. An introduction to their study.
Phil Thompson's Dialect Warehouse A communal library of dialect samples for voice coaches, actors, directors and teachers
United States
Vowels in American English
British and American English

American English

Howra Racknize Ameracain Dialact
An aberration and adaptation by Don Jibaro Criollo

United States

New England
The Maine Accent
Vermontisms for the Non-Native Speaker
Bostonspeak , The Boston Accent , That Funny Boston Accent (Three different sites with basically the same list, apparently taken from the Boston Globe)
The AHA Vocabulary Guide to Building in Boston Defunct?
A Bawstin Lexicon
How to Talk Like a Mainer with sound files
The Wicked Good Guide to Boston English

A Boston Dictionary
Boston Accent
How to speak like a Bostonian (Baastonian)
Rhodonics:Whad'jya'say? Rhode Island Phrases
Dialect differences in vowel perception.
A brief comparison of Connecticut and Utah pronunciation
The relation between dialect attribution and vowel judgments.
Another brief comparison of Connecticut and Utah pronunciation

The Guide to Buffalo English
New York City Lingo
You Talkin' to Me? article on Brooklynese from Discover Magazine
An English to Scranton dictionary
Incomplete Scranton Dictionairy
The Amish Market Pennsylvania Dutch Dictionary
Pittsburghese in a Day!
Ashland : A novel in Pittsburghese.
A Taste of Bawlmerese (Baltimore, MD)
Jeff's "HON" Page! Baltimoreana and accent.
Entertaining Words (of the Eastern Shore and Delmarva) An excerpt from the book by Art King Fisher.

How To Speak Southern

A Southern Dictionary
The Southern Accent
Coastal Speak a sampling of words often used in coastal North Carolina, or elsewhere in the South.
North Carolina Language and Life Project including sections on Ocracoke Island speech and Harkers Island speech .
The Early Vernacular of the North Carolina Mountains From the book "North Carolina Folklore and Miscellany" by Horton Cooper.
The Gullah Creole Language
Local Lingo of Southwest Florida
The North Louisiana Spam Page
SAY WHAT? The Language of New Orleans
The Big Easy Dictionary - Gay New Orleans
The "Big Easy" Dictionary - Learn to talk like a real "YAT!"

Wisconsin's dialect, its weather and other unique characteristics
from the Oklahoma Daily
Speak 'Scansin
Learning the lingo, you bet. O.K., so folks from Minnesota talk like this, then. (From the Hartford Courant, Saturday, March 23, 1996)

Rocky Mountain/West
Denver Info: Local Lingo

The Utah Dialect Survey

Oklahoma presents challenge to newcomers
Contains a small glossary of Okie terms from the Oklahoma Daily
"Oklahoma" How to talk like an Okie
Rodeo and Texan speak
The Variable (th) in Dallas African American Vernacular English
City of Austin: How To Say It The Austin Way
Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau: Dialect

Pacific Northwest
The Chinook Trade Jargon - Introduction
Trading pidgin of Northwest Indians and pioneers; inside slang of contemporary Seattle
Speaking Seattle from the Medical Library Association 1997 Annual Meeting
How to Talk Portland

Californian as a language

How to Talk San Franciscan
Bay Area Slang Hip-hop terms
Pacific Coast Highway - Beach Speak Lexicon
Local Lingo from the University of California at Santa Barbara
BOONTLING: An American English Dialect (Boonville, California.)

The Alaskan/English Dictionary
3 words

Hawai'i Creole English

Pidgin to da Max - Hawaii Kine Talk
Dakine -- the Hawaiian Pidgin Language

Black English (Nationwide)

Black English
Black English: Its History and Its Role in the Education of Our Children


How to speak Canadian
Canadian raising and other oddities
Soft Landings - Speaking Canadian

Atlantic Provinces/Maritimes
Labrador Straits Lifestyle: Language and Accent

Dictionary of Newfoundland English from the publisher's page.
Dictionary of Newfoundland English more info from the Wordplay Bookstore.
Prince Edward Island: Bag of Rubber Hammers provided by T.K. Pratt, author of the Dictionary of Prince Edward Island English .

Quebec English: a Dialect

Hamilton Glossary

British Columbia
A Glossary of the Chinook Jargon
and other regional words and usages of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest

If you discover that any of these pages are active again, please let me know .

Last Modified: 5/16/2002

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