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Evolution is pleased to present the Colonial & Early Frontier Bookshop. Use this site to order Evolution titles at a 10% discount, or to purchase similar historically-significant titles from other fine publishers.

Our Catalog

Books in Native American and Early Colonial History and Language:

ALR Supplement Series

American Language Reprint Series
Latest Release--Paperback edition of Volume 35, Ridout's Vocabulary of Shawnee

Massinahigan Series: Brief Accounts of Early Native America
Latest Release--Paperback edition of Volume 2, Sketches of Ancient History of the Six Nations

Annals of Colonial North America Series

American Dialectology Books

Books in Ancient and Medieval History and Language:

Christian Roman Empire Series
Latest Release--Volume 14, On the Deaths of the Persecutors.

Fontes Mediaevalium Series

Languages of the Middle Ages Series

Languages of Classical Antiquity Series
     Plus the Historical Scripts Collection of fonts for Macintosh

Linguistics Resources

The American Dialect Homepage American English links pertaining to different regions of Canada, the United States and the Caribbean, featuring on-site information on the dialects of the Mid-Atlantic states. Also contains links to varieties of English spoken around the world, including the British Isles, South Africa, and Australia.
American Language Reprint Homepage Our popular ALR series features reprints of historical vocabularies and word-lists. The site contains information and maps on the ancient native languages of the east coast of America, with samples of the languages and cross-referencing with our ALR titles.
Viteliu: The Languages of Ancient Italy. A compendium of resources on the languages spoken in Italy prior to the Roman Conquest. Includes inscriptions in these languages, their classification, descriptions and key phonetic characteristics, and a map showing their distribution on the peninsula.
The Italian Dialects. Maps and descriptions of the major Italian dialect regions. Also contains a summary of the major characteristics of urban dialects from Milan to Naples.

The Theory of Evolution

Welcome to the Evolution Publishing homepage. We are a small press founded in 1994 and based in Merchantville, NJ. Nearby, William Penn signed his famous treaty with Tamanend of the Lenape, General George Washington made his daring Christmas Eve crossing of the Delaware, and just across the river in Philadelphia, a young Benjamin Franklin published his Pennsylvania Gazette and Poor Richard's Almanac. We are proud to be part of the American publishing heritage, and feel honored to share this heritage with our neighbors around the country and the world.

The old school of bookbinding is alive and well at Evolution Publishing. Using a combination of ultra-modern and traditional bookbinding techniques, we are able to offer high-quality specialty volumes at reasonable prices. We believe that books are not ephemera: they should be designed to last. Our primary source books are manufactured to be a durable fixture of library and private collections for time periods measured in decades, not years.

In addition to a list of our products, our webpage contains free internet resources for Italic and American language studies. We intend to maintain these pages as an on-line research station, with basic background information on the fields in which we publish.  

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